Transfer Chart uses cutting edge technology to protect your sensitive data through partnerships with industry leaders. In addition to SSL website security to protect communication, Transfer Chart uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect documents being sent to clients. With an optional GoldKey token, documents can be protected with two factors of authentication; your password and your GoldKey token plugged into your computer.

More About GoldKey
GoldKey provides a physical "key" to electronic private files and sensitive data. It protects data using on-the-fly, AES 256-bit Strong Encryption. It secures access with multi-factor authentication. Now without your key, no one can access your data -- even if they know your password. GoldKey's patent-pending technology provides a secure way to manage symmetrical encryption keys and share data amongst a limitless number of users.
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Technology Support
Transfer Chart is supported by WideBand Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high speed network and server systems. WideBand maintains Transfer Chart's state-of-the-art systems and can aid in integration with client enviroments.
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