Transfer Chart provides state-of-the-art technology services for:
  • Medical Records Retrieval
  • Electronic Request of Information (EROI)
  • Subpoena Requests
  • Deposition Appearances
  • Document Imaging
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Storage
  • Document Management
  • Certified/Notarized Records
  • GoldKey Secure Email
  • Online Payment
  • CD-ROM and/or Hard Copy

Secure Online Vaults
Transfer Chart offers a full service scanning solution that utilizes military-grade encryption from GoldKey to keep your documents safe and to make them available sooner. After documents are received or picked up, they are scanned into a GoldKey Vault that only our authorized GoldKey tokens can access.

Since we create the vault just for you, only your company and Transfer Chart can access the vault. You can start with just one GoldKey token and order as many more as you need at anytime in the future. You get to access the documents as soon as they are scanned and, if you wish, years' worth of documents can be safely archived in your vault. Compared to many other scanning solutions, this service is:
  • Faster: No waiting for a CD or email
  • More Secure: Encryption requiring a token for access
  • So Easy: Just drag-and-drop the files you need from the vault to your computer. Learn more about our Technology
Physicians Offices
Our company provides your practice experienced professionals to process your Release of Information. This will save your staff time and money associated with the necessary paperwork and deadlines for Release of Information.

With the technology that Transfer Chart has, we have the capabilities for Electronic Release of Information (EROI). Depending on your needs our staff will provide the complete solution for either Release of Information (ROI) in your office or remote electronic Release of Information (EROI).

Legal and Insurance Communities
Transfer Chart provides the Legal and Insurance communities the highest quality of service to obtain your medical records needed for your specific clients. Our philosophy is "You order, we do the work and deliver" in a professional and expedient manner.

We have the experience and capabilities to offer you services nationwide. Give us a call today.